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Wakefield Mistress

Satan is a hard Task Master. He hides unimaginable power behind a smiling mask of awesome beauty. He lulls and seduces the unwary with gentle words and honey sweet phrases. He recognises our weaknesses before we realise that they exist and so does his mortal Priestess here on earth who uses Satan's skills to reap him a harvest of souls.

All nonsense and make believe? Are you quite, quite sure? If Mistress asked you to sell your soul to the Devil would you really agree without one reservation or misgiving?

Mistress of Souls is a lifestyle and scene dominatrix with with a real taste for administering pain and fear and has over eight years experience in most types of S/m/BDSM activities.

Although She specialises in harsh to extreme play She is also happy to conduct sessions catering for all levels of pain/ pain free gentle and sensuous providing this has been agreed at time of booking.

Mistress delights in psychological play and will use scare tactics and mind bending scenarios whenever possible. Expect to be shocked, frightened and disturbed, but also expect to be safe!

If you do not see your required activity listed why not send an e mail asking if Mistress is happy to accomodate you?

Please keep checking Mistress's BLOG for current special offers and concessions


Whipping, flogging, caning, cropping, spanking, etc to all levels
Anal play and training / butt plugs / vibrators/strap ons
Extreme verbal and physical humiliation
Hoods & Gags (rubber, leather, PVC) Blindfolds and /or Mindfolds
Chains and shackles with Victorian iron balls and chains
Caging / Imprisonment in an underground stone floored cellar
Schoolroom / Workhouse play
Harsh and strict Victorian scenarios / Authentic Victorian dress
Breath play
Blade play with or without breaking skin / Scarification and Scratching
Clingfilm & Body Bags/ Sensory deprivation
Water sports
Forced femme
Schoolroom play / Harsh and strict Victorian scenarios
Foot and boot / shoe worship
Face sitting / bottom worship
Chastity control / training / orgasm control / denial
Wax and ice play
Tie and tease
Two dom/me sessions with either male and female, or female and female
Hypnosis / Lifestyle Advice / Counselling