Mistress of Souls - Wakefield - Location, Enquiries & Bookings

Wakefield Mistress


Mistress is a one minute drive from the M1. Her property can be accessed by wheelchair and there are ample parking facilities close by.

Please note that the email link below - in common with all email links on websites - will only work if you have set up an email client on your PC, such as Outlook Express or Windows Mail for example. If you have not set up an email client on your PC, the link will not work. If you use browser based email such as hotmail, etc., you can either type the email address into your email or copy and paste it in.

Initial enquiries or bookings can be made via email at mofsouls@googlemail.com and will be answered within ten hours. All proposed bookings must specify the required date and time and the length of session you require. Mistress would appreciate you making your enquiries short and to the point. Once you have made your booking she will be very happy to answer all your questions and any concerns you may have in full.

Alternatively you may telephone 07791 732 398 for definite and specific same day or next day bookings.

Please do not telephone with enquiries.